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Herbal Infusions - Teas

My Darling Love Tea is a herbal infusion, which makes the perfect drink when spending time with family and friends. Customers who buy the mixture often give it as a gift to someone special in their life

Sage and Nettle tea (Salvia Officinallis and Urtica dioica fol). Both plants are revered world wide for their properties of protection and grounding. The mixture is used primarily as a Look Out tea for Men who are developing spiritually. 

Evening Chill-Out Tea. A mixture which contains the elements of Fire and Water, both Goddess and God, the planets of Mars and Venus. A beneficial brew which can be used to aid magical practices during the cold season, bringing illumination and clarification of purpose.

After Sauna Tea is a lemon aroma combined with a forest mixture that supports cleansing after sauna. The Lemon Balm, however, can be a problem for persons taking thyroid medicines and therefore, should be avoided.

Chamomile, Mint and Marigold Flower is a blend used by Bards and poets for vocal workings, such as chanting, singing and musical endeavours.The mix is imbued by the elements of Air and Water-male/female, the elements used in creative change using the voice, and this is strengthened in addition by The Sun and Mercury. r Infusion.

Boldo Leaf Infusion. (Pemus Boldo), a plant with its origins in South America. Boldo leaf is traditionally know for its powers of clearing and keeping away manevolant powers which seek to cause harm and disease. Caution, do not use if pregnant or taking medicines, please see further information about the plant.

Dandelion Root Infusion is used predominantly for cleansing the gall-bladder and kidneys. The root is high in magnesium and therefore, helpful for the bones

Angelica Root Infusion has many properties and powers but is best known for its benefits against colds, flu and helping aid in digestion, easing lung congestion and aid for appetite.

Elecampane (Inulin) Root Infusion. The root is used to treat lung diseases, such as bronchitis and asthma. The root likewise, has benefits for digestive health.

Singers Tea - Infusion has benefits for gum disease and a sore throat, as well as aiding in digestion. The mixture can be drank before bed-time in order to promote a good nights rest.

Rooibos with Lapland Lingon Berries. Rooibos is a product from south Africa, which is naturally caffeine free. Combined with Lingon Berries provides the perfect after food drink, which helps aid in digestion and of course lots of vitamin C from the berries benefits the immune system.

Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) with Lapland Lingon Berries. Ancient scripture tells us that green tea is an ingredient used in mixtures for elevating sexuality and erotic powers. Blessed by the Sun and element of Divine Spiritual Fire, this mixture helps with strengthening the Masculine aspect of the Soul in both man and woman and its true expression.

Hibiscus Flower is a powerful fruity drink that is packed with Vitamin C. Its properties are considered by help reduced high blood pressure and cholesterol and speeding up a slow metabolism. The plant also benefits the liver.

Yarrow Flower has a number of benefits for women as the plant helps relieve menstrual cramps and pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Other uses include lessening fevers, aiding in detoxification and dissolving viruses that cause flu.

Christmas Gloggi Infusion. My own mixture, free from sugar and additives. The ingredients can be added to  for example, warm blueberry, lingon berry or cranberry juice. In addition, almonds and raising can be added. Boil slowly for 10 minutes to infuse any of the above juices.

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