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Therapeutic approaches to healing can be varied and many. However, the starting point for the work I offer is an assessment of the individual as a whole person, which means taking into account the functioning of the mind, body, emotions and spirit-soul and its energy and function. Within the therapeutic field, we tend to find frozen and blocked energy and feelings, i.e. emotions from the past that have not been expressed and are therefore, un-resolved. The lack of resolution of emotional issues tend to be one of the major contributors to stress-related imbalance, depression and anxiety. These patters of behavior, which are quite often related to coping mechanisms tend have their origins in past relationships, in particular emotional trauma from abandonment.

How people manage the emotional pain related to blocked feelings and the separation from ones-self depends on the nature of the past experiences and coping mechanisms that worked well at the time, but are in fact, a cause of stagnation and growth. The loss of the connection to ones self is one of the major contributing factors towards addiction and a range of cognitive disorders.

Restoration and re-discovery of ones essential self and emotional life is the ultimate aim and core of the work I offer. The work concerns addressing core issues such as shame that is toxic, anger, sadness, grief and loss.

Both toxic shame and trauma, as with addictions, tend to get transferred across families and generations. A person may be carrying emotional issues that do not belong to them, which were internalized whilst growing up, caused by stress.  The dynamic of this phenomena means a victim will continue to play out their family role in a host of painful relationships and dysfunctional life-style choices, because they are affected by past events.


Couples Therapy is offered and tailored to the needs of both individuals as well as their shared values


I offer a range of approaches for families depending on the nature of issues at hand

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