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Preparations for Incense Burning

Follow these steps after you have lit the charcoal. 1, place your mixture into the mortar. 2, Grind it into a powder. 3, once the mixture is powdered, place it on the hot coal.

Using Charcoal Tablets for Incense Burning. I will explain the procedure concerning the most effective way to use and maintain charcoal tablets through the following steps.


Step 1. Open the charcoal packet and take out the number of coals needed for incense burning


Step 2. Seal the top of the packet using either tape or by wrapping the packet in aluminium foil. The reason for this is so the remaining coals stay dry. If moisture -air gets into the packet, the coals are either difficult to burn or will not burn at all.


Step 3. Use a ceramic or metal pot or vessel which is suitable for incense burning. If the pot is deep, fill it up with sand or small stones to about 3cm below the top. The reason for needing to do this is because if the pot or vessel is too deep the coal will not burn because not enough oxygen can get to it. Therefore, placing the coal at the top of the vessel rather than the bottom helps ensure maximum benefit and success. Step 4. See below..

Heating - Lighting the coal.


Step 4. Once you have prepared the incense burning dish-pot-vessel, then hold the coal with a pair of tweezers or something similar and place the edge over a flame and hold it there until the coal begins to smoke - sparkle with fire. Make sure you do not burn yourself, or that you have placed the bowl on a surface which is inadequate. The coals get exceptionally hot and so take care not to cause injury, or burn furniture


Step 5. See below..

Placing the mixture on the hot coal.


Step 5. Once the coal has been ignited, then carefully place it in the center of your vessel - pot - dish and leave it to fully heat up for approximately 3 - 5 minutes


Step 6. While this is taking place, take some of your incense mixture and place it in a pestle and mortar and grind/mix it together. If you do not have a pestle and mortar, then you can utilize two stones, one which is flat to place the ingredients on and the second can be used to gently crush and mix the ingredients together. The reason for undertaking this procedure is because it helps combine the ingredients and aroma's together, and also for example, berries contain oils which mix beautifully with herbs and resins.


Step 7. The amount used for burning is usually determined by the size of the space you are in, for example, smaller spaces do require much at all, as whereas with bigger areas you can be more generous.


Step 8. Take a small amount of incense mixture and place it in the centre of the burning coal. If you decide to use the mixture for purification of a building then carry the pot around with you and direct the smoke to where needed. The smoke can be directed by using a feather or your hand.


Step 9. Once you have finished with the incense you can simply leave the coal to go out (they burn around 30 - 40 minutes), or place a lid on the pot, which stops the oxygen, or else take it outside and leave it there. It is also     possible to run water over it, or cover it with sand.


Have fun and enjoy the incense mixtures..

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